From my chair: Drinking in the sunshine

Today is another unexpected gift of radiant sunshine.

Drinking in Sunshine

Why is it that we have an alcoholic drink called “moonshine“? But we have no drink called sunshine.  For those of us in the Northwest who are often sunshine starved, we need our Vitamin D anyway we can get it.

I love the way my surroundings of glass from my chair let me absorb sunshine from all angles and see the reflections of the images of our tall cedars.

Cedars reflected

This first day of November has emptied most of the leaves from the trees in my view.  The colors of fall are dropping away, but the blue grays of the Puget Sound are always present.

As I drink in the sunshine I bounce between two books – The War of Art and What is Biodynamics?  The view in front of me battles back and forth and up and down between the richness of the squirrels hopping to and fro and the ferries journeying between Bainbridge and Seattle.  I am battling focusing on the falling leaves versus the mists slightly shrouding the Seattle Waterfront.  The morning’s clouds move speedily south as the sun rises to lift the maritime layer.  This battle is the constant movement of the “biodynamics” of life in front of me.

Steven Pressfield sees the battle as a war between creativity and resistance:

“I, on the other hand, believe that the source of creativity is found on the same plane of reality as Resistance. It, too, is genetic. It’s called talent: the innate power to discover the hidden connection between two things — images, ideas, words — that no one else has ever seen before, link them, and create for the world a third, utterly unique work.”

Pressfield, Steven. The War of Art . Black Irish Entertainment LLC. Kindle Edition.

Hugh Courtney in his introduction to Steiner’s What is Biodynamics? shares:

“Real understanding takes place not just by exercising one’s mental capacities, but only when one is “doing,” or taking action.”

Steiner, Rudolf. What Is Biodynamics? . SteinerBooks. Kindle Edition.

I’ve drunk enough sunshine this morning.  It is time to meander downstairs and paint a little and write a little.  Drinking in the sun has overcome the resistance of the ongoing biodynamic battles “from my chair.”

Painting Experiment #132


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