From my chair: the rhythms of fauna

I delight in the quick darting movements of the squirrels, birds, raccoons and deer that traverse my view of the world.  Our neighbor flings peanuts to the birds each morning.  Quickly the squirrels race to pick up what is left.  They come into our yard and bury the peanuts for some time in the future.

Busy Little Squirrel

Busy little squirrel

Most times the squirrels flit through my view.  But sometimes they stay and frolic.

Occasionally, we have a few inches of snow.  The snow really confuses this crow.  Where are my peanuts?

Where are the peanuts?

Where are my peanuts?

After the snow melted, a new animal joined my back yard menagerie.  A raccoon showed up.  And then another ambled through the yard.  Soon a family of five sauntered past.  They came back looking for peanuts the squirrels sequestered.

Raccoons on the march

Raccoon family on the march

I am forever grateful for the smart phone and the readiness to hand of my camera.  Without the smart phone, I could never grab these random, fleeting simple moments.

Ansel Adams:  “A photograph is usually looked at – and seldom looked into.”

Rick Sammon: “There is a big difference between looking and seeing.”

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