Lifelet: A Walk in the Woods on a sort of sunny day

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We finally had a sun break during on of our many winter rivers of rain. I put on my boots as there will be lots of puddles and little temporary streams. I get my ski poles to do my Nordic walking.

I look forward to seeing how the gnome homes have survived the snow and rain of the last month.

I stop to check out the ever changing adorning of the homes. I am delighted to see the sun shining on home #11.

I also spot a new fungus growing on a tree that I missed over the past couple of months.

With spirit refreshed after my jaunt in the woods, I head back home.

One of the joys of where we live is turning a corner and noticing a new view of the Puget Sound. It might be just a change in light or a view I had not paid attention to before. It is clear enough today that I spot a framed view of Seattle and the snow covered Cascades.

What a joy it is to have a little blue sky and sunshine in the winter time. It is a special joy to see neighbors out and about enjoying the all too brief winter sunshine.

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