Nordic Walking

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As I walked across a wooden bridge over the marsh on Oak Island, NC, with my trusty hiking poles, a woman shared “are you promoting Nordic walking as the new exercise for older folks?”

Oak Island, NC marsh walkway

I chuckled and responded “Nope. After four surgeries to repair my left leg, I need these hiking poles to stay stable while I’m walking.”

As she turned she said “either way, Nordic Walking is really good exercise.”

Thanks to Google, it turns out Nordic Walking is a thing:

“Have you ever noticed people out walking with poles even on flat surfaces and wondered why they are doing it? This is known as Nordic walking, which is a little bit like cross country skiing but without the snow.

“Walking with poles was first developed in Scandinavia and came to central Europe about 20 years ago. For some reason, it has not become particularly popular even though it has many health benefits.”

I had no idea there were at least seven health benefits to Nordic Walking:

      • You burn more calories.
      • It may reduce limb pain.
      • Improves upper body strength.
      • Increases core strength.
      • Reduces risk of falling.
      • Boosts cardiovascular health.
      • You can walk faster.

I can attest to the first six items. Unfortunately, after my surgeries I have to walk with care so I walk much slower than before my handicap.

Nordic walking in the Bainbridge Island woods and Arches National Park

The sun is out. It is a cool summer day. Time for some Nordic walking to get six out of the seven health benefits.

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4 Responses to Nordic Walking

  1. Harold says:

    Lots of folks around here do it, and they are mostly older. In Winter we get regular freeze/thaw cycles so the poles help on the ice.

  2. luisarnal says:

    Hello Skip,Long time!I had no idea you lived in Bainbridge island… I was there a year ago with my family on our trip around pacific northwest (Portland, Seattle, Orcas island). I loved it!Will let you know next time I’m around.I hope you are recovering well and all other things are good with you.Still have fond memories of my product planning class with you.Best regards,Luis

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