If a tree falls?

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One of the joys of walking the many nature trails on Bainbridge Island is finding gnome homes.

My favorite is Gnome Home No. 2 which is located on the Bluff Trail. I pass by the gnome residence several times a week.

Left: Original tree with large fungi Right: Addition of Gnome Home No. 2

Usually I have my head down to watch for rocks and roots. Today, I noticed that my favorite gnome homes wasn’t on the right tree.

New location for Gnome Home No. 2

Then I noticed a tree down across the path.

The tree that fell had the two large fungi that the gnome home lived between. Fortunately, the tree fell in such a way that the gnome home wasn’t crushed.

Left: Fallen gnome home tree Middle: Fungi fell right side up Right: Split tree

Thank you to the kind path walker who relocated the gnome home to a stronger tree.

A tree fell. The gnome home survived.

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