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Lifelet: A Blog a Day

I need to write myself into existence – again. During times of stress I realize that I am not writing enough.  More importantly, I am not writing enough about topics other than business. One of my favorite books is A … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Photosynthesis

“What is the world according to Skip?” asked Gifford Booth early in our journey together in the TAI Tell course. “Beats me” I replied trying to generate a little time to think. “Instead of trying to tell me, why don’t … Continue reading

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Lifelet: The Masters Lifts My Spirits Again

I am a terrible golfer.  I am a subscriber to the philosophy of “golf is a good walk spoiled.” Yet, I love to watch golf in person at the great golf courses.  Augusta National and The Masters Tournament are my … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Data Visualization to the Max

I attended the Institute for System Biology Future of Health Symposium 2019. If I use the scale of WUKID (Wisdom Understanding Knowledge Information and Data) I barely functioned somewhere between the data and information level.  I heard the words and I … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Banistas

I am spending a lot of time in the South Lake Union neighborhood in Seattle.  One of the joys of visiting this area is encountering the banistas of Amazon. When I see the sign I know that free bananas are … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Behold the tooth fairy

The circle of life continues.  One of our grand children lost her first front tooth.  However, she lost it on a visit to Canada.  A text storm ensued as my daughter wondered what she should do about the tooth fairy.  … Continue reading

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Lifelet: What’s your aspiration?

Coach:  What is your aspiration? Skip: I thought that was pretty clear, I want to be able to walk normally again so I can hike in the mountains. Coach: That sounds more like a goal than an aspiration. Skip: No, … Continue reading

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