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Lifelet: Existential questions in the Age of V

In our long ago Duke University dorm discussions, another philosophy exam question was thrown out.  A professor in the final exam asked just one question “Why?”  There were only two acceptable answers to get an “A”: Why not? Because Fueled … Continue reading

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Lifelet: I love my Fitbit!

I love my Fitbit! I had not worn a watch or any device on my arms since I experienced an Outward Bound trip in the 1980s.  Through the Employee Health benefits of Conga, I ordered a Fitbit Alta HR and … Continue reading

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Is my Honda CRV watching me?

As we drove down the long hill to Moab, Utah, my 2018 Honda CRV started beeping, shaking the steering wheel and flashing information messages to me. Driver Attention Level Low, Time for a Break I immediately started looking all over … Continue reading

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Lifelet: A Double Sunrise?

We are blessed daily with one of my favorite views in all the world – the ever changing Puget Sound and Elliott Bay looking towards Seattle from Bainbridge Island. Each morning whether clear or cloudy is a study in an … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Infinity and Beyond?

“What is the next number beyond infinity?” my oldest grand asked. I love these questions.  And I have no idea how to answer her in a way that she might understand. “Do you know the symbol for infinity?” I ask … Continue reading

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Lifelet: A Pueblo Prayer

So what does our garage curating philosopher sign say today? The message catches my eye: “Hold onto what is good, even if it is a handful of earth.” – A Pueblo Prayer My mind immediately races through all of my … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Intertwining stories of love and church

Father John Madigan stood with no notes at the front of the alter at Bellevue’s Sacred Heart Church at the Easter Vigil mass and mesmerized me with his welcoming of new Catechumens to the Catholic Church.  We were there to … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Finding Rainbows

This morning I turned the corner and there was a welcoming rainbow.  Our house has a wide range of crystal objects in curio cabinets and hanging from the windows.  Depending on whether the sun is out and about at sunrise … Continue reading

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Lifelet: The Easter Bunny is Back

Many moons ago my wife took a cake decorating class before we had children.  Now that our waists have expanded and our children have their own families, the cake decorating creative outputs don’t show up very often. With grand children, … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Mourning Rain

How fitting that I start the day looking out at the rain and grays of the Puget Sound.  Seattle is barely visible to the East. The grays match my mourning mood.  The Mueller report is being released today.  Even CNN … Continue reading

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