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Good Notes 5 – Surprised by Joy

Day 212 of Self Quarantine  Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  214,000   VOTE!! As Professor David Socha and I were collaborating on a paper about “Observe, Don’t Ask” and its role in the software product development life cycle, he pulled out his … Continue reading

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Wait what? A labyrinth? Near my trail?

Day 180 of Self Quarantine             Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  190,000 The habits of each day being another Ground Hog day make me wonder if I am sleep walking through life.  “Wake Up!” was my … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Surprised by Joy!

Day 157 of Self Quarantine             Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  170,000 One of my favorite book titles is from C.S. Lewis, Surprised by Joy.  The book was a joy as well. Yesterday, I was “surprised … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Culling and rearranging a lifetime of books

Day 145 of Self Quarantine             Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  158,000 I love books. I don’t love organizing my books. I hate culling my books. I really hate finding that I bought the same book … Continue reading

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Lifelet: We interrupt our normal programming for

Day 140 of Self Quarantine             Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  154,000 Lifelet: We interrupt our normal programming for … Until I met Russ Ackoff‘s graduate students, I didn’t understand what an existential crisis was.  Russ’s … Continue reading

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We interrupt our Pandemic for …

Day 77 of Self Quarantine                       Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  103,000 We interrupt the Covid-19 pandemic for … a black man, George Floyd, murdered by four policemen in Minneapolis a … Continue reading

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Lord, Thank you for Cheryl

Cheryl is our local UPS driver.  We just found out her name (although I am not sure the spelling).  She arrives like a fairy in our neighborhood and drops off her packages of magic.  She’s done this package act for … Continue reading

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Lifelet: I love my Raspberry Pi and Python

I love my Raspberry Pi!!! What else is there to do after 39 days of self-quarantine but to relearn how to program. It’s been 35 years since I programmed professionally.  There are many who would argue that I never did. … Continue reading

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A Zoom Wake in the Age of a Pandemic

Nick Nussbaum died earlier this week.  He died of the corona virus due to underlying health conditions. Nick died without family, friends or colleagues present.  Only the brave medical professionals were in attendance. We found out about his passing days … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Footsteps

Google captured that I walked on water yesterday. OK, so the tide was out really far and the Blakely Harbor sandbar was exposed. As I returned to shore, there were my footprints. “Footsteps” was an answer to a daily riddle … Continue reading

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