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Designing – The Art of Finding Tangible Surrogates

Way too many years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Kim Erwin, an energetic and intelligent graduate student at the Institute of Design (today she is an assistant professor at ID). I was at ID finalizing an investment in … Continue reading

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Creating Your Personal Future

“‘Kingfish, where’d you get your good judgment?’ And Kingfish says, ‘From my experience.’ And where’d you get your experience from?’ And Kingfish says ‘From bad judgment.’” I am often asked to help entrepreneurs, executives and students with the direction they … Continue reading

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Know Thyself – UW Bothell Innovation Forum

In his opening remarks at the closing session of the week long Innovation Forum at UW Bothell, University of Washington President Michael Young observed “universities are great at shining the bright light of research on all aspects of the world … Continue reading

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Where were you on 9/11?

Over my lifetime there are two questions that come up periodically: Where were you on 9/11? Where were you when John F. Kennedy was assassinated? Both of these events are wired deep into my memory. Kennedy Assassination On November 22, … Continue reading

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Curating My Way Into Existence

Since writing the blog post on “Organizations Don’t Tweet, People Do”, the idea of “writing myself into existence” each day continues to resonate. Yet, writing is just one aspect of what a blog post is all about. Another key aspect … Continue reading

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Who’s Watching the Scientists?

“Look at the top 10 images for scientists that show up on Google” presented Carrie Tzou as she introduced the session at the UW Bothell Innovation Forum Tic Talk on STEM Education. As we all had a good laugh, Carrie asked what … Continue reading

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Being a Citizen – Jury Duty

Two months ago, the dreaded jury duty notice showed up in the mail.  Uggh. I am ashamed to say that my first response was “How do I get out of this?” Then the integrity part of me realized that this … Continue reading

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