Reflecting: Lifting My Eyes

Reflecting Reading of the Day:

Lifting My Eyes - Rilke

Lifting My Eyes – Rilke

Barrows, Anita; Macy, Joanna (2009-10-29). A Year with Rilke: Daily Readings from the Best of Rainer Maria Rilke (p. 2). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

Seattle Skyline at Sunset

Seattle Skyline at Sunset

Lifting My Eyes

You had me at “Lifting my eyes.” In a time when we are burying are heads in our smartphones and not even paying attention to where we are walking, today’s reflection shouts at me to WAKE UP and Lift My Eyes. The synchronicity of this reading is strange as my morning email contained a posting from my colleague, David Robinson, exhorting us to LOOK UP.

Here I am at my home office computer staring at bits on the screen, when if I would just look up I would see the magnificent ebbs and flows of the Puget Sound tidally moving back and forth. I would see the recent snows on the Cascade Mountains as winter moves into full swing. Instead, I am staring at the pixels of my mind.

Is it that simple? If I just look up, will my feelings show up as well? Can I get out of my head space and into a heartful feeling space?

For me, it is the looking up and the getting my body to move. I need to get beyond the stillness of just looking up in order to feel the night, in order to feel the constant movement of life’s waters.

Today, I am lifting my eyes.

Reflecting With Rilke

A year with RilkeThese daily reflections are taken from A Year with Rilke. As I embark on publishing Emails to a Young Entrepreneur which was inspired by Rilke’s Letters to a Young PoetI look forward to a daily meditation on other selections from Rilke’s poetry and writings.

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