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Flipping My Perspective

My colleague, David Robinson, just completed his book The Seer: The Mind of the Entrepreneur, Artist,Visionary, Seeker, Learner, Leader, Creator…You. David’s book follows a young entrepreneur and his Socratic interactions with a mysterious guru Virgil. The book is about seeing the world … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Your Verse Anthem

It takes a lot for a TV ad in the middle of an NFL game to cause me to pay attention. This afternoon Apple managed to wake me out of my inattention with one of the most moving vignettes I’ve … Continue reading

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The Lost Power of Why

Way too many moons ago I was introduced to the Deming “Five Whys” through interactions with the Digital Equipment Corporation Manufacturing Division as part of the Japan Study Mission: “Systematically asking why an event occurs or a condition exists. The … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Patterns Surround Me

My good friend and colleague David Socha introduced me to his habit of taking “patterns” photos. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. On my good days, I am on the hunt for interesting patterns. Here are a few of … Continue reading

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Both/And or Either/Or?

“If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” Abraham Maslow As good left brained analytics trained by Western “education systems,” many of us technical folks believe that there is one right answer to … Continue reading

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Postscript to On Civility

Not that I’m looking for examples of incivility, but sometimes the incivility comes looking for me. My daughter forwarded me this article about the former NFL star who was threatened with a lawsuit by parents of kids who trashed his … Continue reading

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