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Mentoring Idea Stage Startups

One of the joys of teaching project based classes in Human Centered Design is encouraging the teams to explore building their product and starting a company to monetize the product.  This fall’s class project assignment was to research, design and … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the Infosphere

Along with the periodic reflection on nodes in my social networks, I like to reflect on what catches my interest in the infosphere and why.  In the past about once a month I would document a “day in the life” of … Continue reading

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Japan Study Mission – A Learning Intensive Model

In the late 1980s I had the good fortune to participate in a Japan Study Mission while at Digital Equipment Corporation (now Compaq which became HP).  This activity was a great example in several areas of process innovation and adult … Continue reading

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Making Intangible Assets Tangible

In 2008, Paul D’Antilio, CEO of Future Point Systems called to see if I would be interested in  consulting with his company about visual analytics.  He had recently become the CEO and knew that we’d been successful commercializing a visual analytics … Continue reading

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Eliminating the Professional Priesthoods

One of the trends I’ve seen over the years is the systematic elimination of priesthoods in industry after industry. I first noticed this with the publication of the book From Wall Street to Main Street by Gene Perry.  He described the transition … Continue reading

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The Google 20% Time in Perspective

As an executive consultant, I am always looking for ways to crank up the innovation capability of an organization.  I admired Google for their approach of encouraging their engineering talent to take on innovation projects through their “20% time.” As … Continue reading

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Where the Rubber Meets the Sky

“Experience is not what happens to you, it is what you do with what happens to you.” – Aldous Huxley As Aldus merged into Adobe in the early 1993, I put together a “gift” collection for those colleagues I’d grown … Continue reading

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Working in Teams – Part 2

While I was at Aldus (now Adobe), we worked with an organizational consultant (Bob Crosby) to improve our organizational effectiveness.  One of the better tools that Bob brought to the organization was the Ask and Tell process for transitioning between … Continue reading

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Working in Teams – Part 1

Over the years of managing and teaching, we regularly have to form teams to get something done.  Most of the time we just do it, rather than being intentional about it. When I am at my best, I remember to … Continue reading

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Social Networking and Organizing

One of my favorite pundits on community, social networking and the Internet is Clay Shirky. He hasn’t been active in his blogs lately probably because he was writing this book. It is a quick read and captures in one place … Continue reading

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