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When Science and Art Dance – Business Results

Each year the Institute of Design in Chicago, IL, holds a Design Strategy Conference.  This year, Patrick Whitney, asked me if I would share how we used the human centered design process to develop Attenex Patterns. The video of the … Continue reading

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Company as Product

In the middle of his entertaining and energetic lecture at the University of Washington’s Foster Business School in an entrepreneuring class, Ralph Derrickson suddenly stopped at the left side of the room. He started chuckling and said “You know as … Continue reading

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Growth Partners

Working with startup entrepreneurs, I am often asked “What else should I be thinking about?” Invariably the answer is “what are you doing to create growth partners?” The experienced startup entrepreneurs will think through and develop plans for a channel … Continue reading

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Good Software Never Dies – ALL-IN-1 becomes Enterprise Vault

In 1979, John Churin and I created an enterprise Office Automation product called ALL-IN-1.  I left the full time management of the project in 1986 and then left Digital Equipment Corporation in 1990.  For some 18 years, ALL-IN-1 generated $1 … Continue reading

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The Making of Enterprise Software – All-IN-1

In the early 1980s I was part of Digital Equipment Corporation’s (DEC) Software Services group in Charlotte, NC.  The unit I was a part of consisted of 10 software specialists and a manager.  Due to the nature of our remote … Continue reading

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Evolving a Personal Software Design Process

Self observing is always a dangerous proposition.  I remember my father-in-law, Dr. Michael Keleher, always remarking “the doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient.” The following notes are a result of self-observing myself when I am designing … Continue reading

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The Power of Metrics to Guide Software Development

One of the big challenges with software product development is how to prioritize which features to add.  Many books and academic papers are written on this topic each year.  From my vantage point, the human centered design process is the … Continue reading

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